Did You Know?


 The Risk


► Alcohol is the biggest drug problem facing our youth, killing 6.5 times more young people than all other drugs combined.

► 1,400 college students die each year from alcohol-related injuries.

► 600,000 college students are assaulted each year by another student who has been drinking.

 ► 500,000 college students are injured each year in alcohol-related incidents.

► 400,000 college students have unprotected sex - 100,000 were too intoxicated to know if they consented.

► 70,000 alcohol-related sexual assaults occur at college annually.

► 2,200 young people age 15-24 die each year in drunk driving crashes.

► 2.1 million college students acknowledge driving under the influence of alcohol.

► 1 In 3 18-24 year olds are admitted to emergency rooms because of intoxication.  




The Law In Virginia


  ► It is illegal for anyone under 21 to purchase or possess (or attempt to purchase or possess)

     ◊ Penalties include up to 1-year driver’s license revocation and a $500 fine.

     ◊ Ingested alcohol is considered possessed in some jurisdictions.

► It is Illegal to purchase for anyone under 21.

► It is Illegal to use or attempt to use a fake ID or another's ID to purchase or attempt to purchase alcohol. 


 Facts About Alcohol Consumption 


► A large majority of Americans either do not drink or drink infrequently.

     ◊ Nevertheless, 44% of college students report binge drinking.

► A majority of those in every age group, from 12 to 20, report not drinking in the past month.

     ◊ Nevertheless, underage drinkers consume 12% of the alcohol sold in the U.S.

► Underage drinking impairs brain development and future health.

     ◊ The human brain does not mature until age 21, or perhaps even 24--Alcohol slows oxygen flow to the brain; resultant damage is long term and irreversible.

     ◊ Adolescent drinking could cause severe damage to the prefrontal area, affecting personality and behavior.

     ◊ Moderate drinking impairs learning and memory twice as much in youth.

     ◊ It is 4 times more likely to become an alcoholic if drinking begins at 15 instead of 21.

     ◊ Impairment, both physical and in judgement, begins with the first drink.

     ◊ Coffee, showers, and fresh air do not affect sobriety. Time is the key ingredient in getting sober. On average, it takes approximately one hour to remove one ounce of alcohol from the system once it hits the liver.