Policies Advocated


Every University and College In Virginia

● Establish a comprehensive written campus policy on alcohol sales, service, and advertising designed to minimize alcohol problems among young adults and prevent underage drinking

● Utilize the many alcohol and drug educational programs available (Freshman orientation & Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) prevention staffing are critical)

● Support environmental strategies designed to reduce the student drinking culture

● Support counseling and treatment of students through established college health programs

● Support strict enforcement of state and local laws and ordinances relating to impaired driving and underage drinking by law enforcement and college officials

● Establish a policy that alcohol is not to be sold to, provided to, or possessed by students under age 21 on campus

● Establish a campus task force on drug and alcohol problem prevention which reports directly to the president and includes students and faculty as well as administrators

● Establish and enforce policies against excessive student behavior both on and off-campus

● Notify parents in all incidents involving alcohol or drugs

● Collect information on and report all violations in accordance with the law and federal standards

● Consistently impose fair and meaningful consequences including treatment following education, probation and counseling for first offense (actual consequences must be publicized to potential offenders)

● Suspend and/or expel multiple repeat offenders

● Encourage reduction of advertising and promotion of alcohol to student population including barring on-campus advertising of alcohol

● Expand alcohol-free activities and facilities by universities

● Support social norms marketing to reduce consumption only secondarily to sending clear message against underage drinking (no mixed messages)

● Support safe ride/designated driver programs: 1. When implemented as a safety valve within the context of a greater program that discourages underage and high-risk drinking behaviors and supports enforcement of laws and policies against underage and abusive drinking, and 2. When strictly enforced publicized standards for non-drinking designated drivers are included

● Collect and report data about alcohol and drug use rates on campus

Announce coming events

● Support strict enforcement of drinking and driving laws including suspension of licenses for underage drinking

● Support establishment of reciprocal agreements between local law enforcement agencies and campus police for enforcement of age 21 and impaired driving laws

● Support reduction of availability of alcohol to student population

● Support education of high school and college students and parents on risks associated with underage and excessive consumption

● Support prosecution of those providing alcohol to underage persons (including parents who believe they are acting to protect kids by controlling drinking environment)

● Support holding monetarily responsible for damages those who serve underage consumers and/or serve excessive amounts

● Form campus-community coalitions to change the environment and culture that sustains abusive and underage alcohol use